Come visit the beautiful Hernando Heritage Museum and see some or all of the

11,000 artifacts on display there...Open Tues. thru Sat....12:00 to 03:00..The museum

is home of the Brooksville Raid which was voted by the Florida reenactors as the best and largest civil war reenactment in Florida.

Food and Drink

              There will be home cooked food available at the Sertoma Food Tent which is located on top of the hill near the Battlefield.   They will have everything from meals to hamburgers and fries….Coca-Cola is one of our sponsors and there will be coke trailers spread  throughout the reenactment selling Coke products. Also, the Sutlers will have fresh Kettle Korn, Fry Bread and Root Beer made the way they did during the Civil War.

            The Road Kill Café will also be open with the best corn bread and black eyed peas in the South.

             Come make a day of it and tour the camps, take a wagon ride, watch the battle, shop at all the different Sutlers (Vendors), and just relax in general…..See Ya There

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There will be motorcycle parking available at no charge. Parking personnel will instruct you where the hog pen (motorcycle parking) is located, depending on which battle field we use..

Disabled Motorists

Disabled Motorists who have a valid disabled card for there vehicle will be parked in the VIP section which is near the Battle…..

V.I.P. Parking

VIP parking is available to those who have VIP parking passes, which we have given out to the sponsors and their families to enjoy the event.